Q: Why are you guys always telling me to take better care of my skin?

A: Suddenly Bronze Boutique customer service associates are always telling you to take better care of your skin for lots of reasons. We can't stress the importance of good skin care enough! You can't expect your skin to reward you with a healthy-looking, radiant glow if you don't take good care of it. Moist skin tans faster, gets darker, and stays that way longer. Another reason we talk to customers about skin care is because healthy skin is important to overall good health, and we care about you.

Q: So, what is good skin care and what isn't?

A: A good skin care plan is to use a properly pH balanced shower gel, not bar soap, and a properly pH balanced after-shower moisturizer without minerals or alcohol. Bar soaps and fragrant body lotions contain alcohol that is not pH balanced to the skin's natural pH level, so it strips the acid mantle off the skin, leaving it vulnerable to harmful environmental factors. The same is true with your hair, so listen to your hairdresser about salon hair care products. Mineral oil, which is found in all over-the-counter type body lotions, is just a cheap filler that does absolutely nothing to replace the vitamins and nutrients your skin loses from day to day. Mineral oil also seals the skin, which is why it works great for diaper rash, but doesn't work very well on adult skin. Sealing the skin will also inhibit the effectiveness of your tanning lotion.

Q: What is skin damage?

A: Skin damage is caused by prolonged overexposure to UV light. It causes the skin's elastin to break down and the appearance of the skin will begin to sag and wrinkle. Many of our accelerators have DNA restoratives, which help to prevent elastin damage.